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Déguisements Hunter × Hunter Hisoka Costume Carnaval Cosplay

Déguisements Hunter × Hunter Hisoka Costume Carnaval Cosplay(CZS183)

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Protagonist Jeremiah grew up in the whale island grew up with aunt and a lady Mitt a partner. His cheerful nature, has the ability to communicate with the spiritual animals. Because no father and mother, Jie will Mitt aunt as his mother love. Until the age of 9, Jie in the forest by a young man rescued. From his mouth Jie know that his father was alive and occupation is a hunter. After persuading Aunt Mit, Jay alone embarked on a journey to find the father. As a result, Jay decided to become a hunter, from where to start looking for his father's trail. By such a belief began an adventure journey, and make friends in the journey, growing, which led to all the stories behind, leads to the wonderful world of hunters.
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